How Contactless Access Control Card Readers Protect People

Access control readers are the most visible part of any access control system. Selecting the right type of reader and keypad is a critical decision and there are several options to choose from. Choices range from simple mullion card readers to readers with keypads as well as more complex biometric readers that use fingerprint or Iris recognition. Biometrics usually have a price premium due to the cost of the image sensor required.

Historically, card readers and keypads required human touch, essentially making them a breeding ground for a wide range of highly infectious bacteria.  These bacteria can be potentially distributed to the next person who comes into contact with the device.

Contactless Access Control

Contactless Access Control Card Readers & devices help minimise the potential distribution of bacteria due to the fact no human touch is required.  Some devices now have antimicrobial properties reducing the risk even further.  As well as minimising bacterial distribution, some devices also have visual cues in the form of a coloured outer band – this can be useful in any environment e.g. Red outer ring indicating the reader should not be used, or, green outer ring indicating the reader can be used.

Where can Contactless Access Control Card Readers & Devices be used?

Quite simply, they can be used in any setting where an Electronic Access Control system is in use or about to be installed.


Can I replace my existing readers with new Contactless Access Control Card Readers?

In most cases, yes.  Our Readers are system agnostic, this means that the will work with any system that produces a Wiegand output.

What makes the readers Antimicrobial?

A special additive is used to make the readers Antimicrobial.  Third party testing to ISO 22196:2011 proves the integral antimicrobial protection on the new devices kills up to 99.99% of E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria over a 24-hour period.

Do you supply Request to Exit buttons and are they Antimicrobial as well?

Yes, we supply a full range of readers, including an Antimicrobial Request to Exit Button, in fact all of the readers in our range have Antimicrobial properties.