Collection: Access Control Systems

In this collection we have put together a small selection of bundles that can be purchased online and installed on a site to secure a building or area within it. The bundles are based on the EntroStar 2-door controller. Please scroll down the page to see our 1 door and 2 door bundles with a combination of card readers, keypads, RTEs and facial recognition cameras.

What is a Building Access Control System?

An Access Control System is a building security system that will allow or deny door entry when a credential is presented to an access control reader, BLE mobile phone reader, biometric reader or keypad.

Access Control and Security

Access control solutions provide security to a building, the people and assets within it. Access control can be considered to be an additional level of security to a building.

Access Control System

An access control system can be used to control access to a building’s outer doors and/or secure doorways within the building. The system allows for areas within a building such as offices, stores, IT and confidential document areas to be secured easily and manage through the of credentials.

Door Entry

A credential is a code given to an authorized person and stored with their name in an access control database. The credential can be a number to put into a keypad, or be carried on an access control card or mobile phone and presented to a card or BLE reader. A credential can also be biometric with finger prints being the most commonly used biometric credential. Facial recognition is another form of credential which can be read by a facial recognition camera.

Presenting an authorized credential to a keypad, reader or terminal will allow door entry or exit. Exiting via an access-controlled doorway can also be achieved with a Request-to-Exit button.

Access Control RTE Button

An RTE button generally does not require a credential for door exit. The RTE device may be a pushbutton or one that simply requires the placement of a hand nearby to the device. The RTE in this case is contactless and the device may include antimicrobial properties within its plastic shell to help prevent the spread viruses and bacteria.

Access Control Card Readers

Card readers (without a keypad) allow for contactless door entry or exit when presented with an authorized credential. The credential itself may be presented on a MIFARE card of which there are several types offering different levels of security an encryption. Areas of the card may be available for other uses including acting as an electronic wallet for vending machines. Where a mobile phone credential is required, the phone must held near to a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) type reader and provide the credential via a compatible mobile phone App.

Access Control and Security Systems

Access control systems help to secure a building and areas within using door controllers, readers, door magnets, locks and specific system software such as EntroWatch. The software is used to manage the entire system including the devices on the local IP network, and the database within which credentials and users are managed. Using information from the access control database can provide additional detection data including movements covering who, where and when that can be used for occupancy management, track and trace and time and attendance.

EntroStore Systems and Products

At we supply complete access control systems an example bundles are shown below. If you need a specific configuration quoting please contact us. We also supply individual products that can be used within your own security systems and access systems providing that they are compatible. Our systems use the BACnet protocol and our readers have a Wiegand interface.

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