The Key to Retail Security: Access Control Explained

Security certainly remains a top priority for retail, particularly during periods of high footfall in peak shopping times. Staff can be better supported by using the appropriate technology to ensure a high level of security, while delivering a positive service and experience for your customers. 

The use of physical security devices may appear an obvious solution, with cameras having long been used in retail to deter criminal activity and ensure the safety of staff and customers. However, combining access control solutions with other security solutions like network intercoms, cameras and sensors allows for interoperability between devices. This can bolster retail security significantly, particularly within digitally enabled stores that have less staff present.  

Access control can also streamline staff movement around your store through automated processes. For instance, the use of facial recognition cameras enabling internal doors to be automatically opened between the main store and stockrooms. This touchless solution means your staff can move throughout the premises with minimal friction, which is particularly beneficial if they are carrying and transferring boxes of stock from one part of the store to another. This not only eases processes for your staff and improves health & safety concerns, but also saves valuable time, with the potential to save several hours per week.