Smart Buildings

  • The EntroStore Guide To Security Cameras

    The use of Security Cameras has increased significantly in recent years.  Historically the devices were extremely complex and expensive with many offering poor image quality and restricted recording capability.  Advances in technology have allowed significant improvements in the quality of the image recorded, as well as increases in recording capability.  However, perhaps more importantly, the cost of such systems has reduced significantly from earlier devices.
  • What are Electronic Access Control Systems?

    The practice of restricting entry to a building, a room or an area is known as ‘Access Control’.  Access Control can be achieved by a human (securi...
  • How Face Mask Detection Systems Work

    In some environments it is important to quickly detect if a person is not wearing a face mask.  Wearing a protective face mask has become mandatory in many places across the World, with Mask Detection Solutions providing a smarter, safer and faster way to monitor this.

  • How Contactless Access Control Card Readers Protect People

    Access control readers are the most visible part of any access control system. Selecting the right type of reader and keypad is a critical decision and there are several options to choose from. Choices range from simple mullion card readers to readers with keypads as well as more complex biometric readers that use fingerprint or Iris recognition. Biometrics usually have a price premium due to the cost of the image sensor required.

  • Use Temperature Screening Devices to Test for COVID-19 Symptoms

    In some environments it is important to quickly detect if a person has a high temperature.  A high temperature continues to be one of the main symptoms of the coronavirus (COVID-19), with Temperature Screening Devices providing a smarter, safer and faster way to identify an individual with an elevated temperature.