Use Temperature Screening Devices to Test for COVID-19 Symptoms

In some environments it is important to quickly detect if a person has a high temperature.  A high temperature continues to be one of the main symptoms of the coronavirus (COVID-19), with Temperature Screening Devices providing a smarter, safer and faster way to identify an individual with an elevated temperature.

Temperature Screening Devices can help with Fever Screening by detecting elevated body temperatures in individuals in less than one second and with an extremely high level of accuracy.  Temperature Screening Devices are not medical devices but they can be used as an effective preliminary screening tool, detecting individuals with an elevated body temperature.  The Temperature Screening Devices provide real time alerts and voice prompts when an individual is seen and classified as having an elevated body temperature.  Individuals with a higher than normal temperature can be referred for medical assessment and/or be safely isolated, minimizing contact with other individuals in a building or other environment.

Where can Temperature Screening Devices be used?

Retail – Retailers need to ensure their premises meet the appropriate requirements, protecting employees and members of the public.  Temperature Screening Devices offer a quick and easy solution to Retailers to control individuals who have an elevated temperature from entering their premises.

Corporate Buildings – Many office buildings remain open and many will soon welcome employees back to work.  Temperature Screening Devices can be used in this scenario to establish and maintain a safe working environment for everyone, restricting building access to anyone with an elevated temperature.  Temperature Screening Devices can often be deployed in combination with Access Control and Facial Recognition systems that use the employee database information to match an employee at an entrance or other chosen area in the building.  The Temperature Screening Devices can also provide a useful solution to Visitor Management and Track & Trace.

Gyms & Leisure – Temperature Screening Devices can be used very effectively in this environment.  Often, these types of premises have a gate or turnstile entry system in place and the addition of a Temperature Screening Device will compliment any existing entry solution or provide new ‘peace of mind’ controls for staff, members and visitors alike.

Hospitality – Bars, Restaurants and Hotels have regulations to adhere to as they welcome back members of the public.  When checking in Temperature Screening Devices could be used to monitor individual’s temperature, taking appropriate action when an individual is seen to have an elevated temperature.  Temperature Screening Devices provide a quick and easy solution for the Hospitality Sector.

Healthcare Settings – Hospital, Clinics, Dentists, Pharmacies and other Healthcare providers especially recognize the importance of monitoring an individual’s temperature.  Temperature Screening Devices allow for monitoring of staff, patients and visitors in these premises.


Can Temperature Screening Devices be used to detect coronavirus (COVID 19)?

Temperature Screening devices cannot detect or diagnose a virus.  However, they can provide alert indicating an individual’s elevated temperature.   A high temperature continues to be one of the main symptoms of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

How accurate are Temperature Screening Devices?

Temperature Screening Devices are accurate to + / - 0.3°C

What is a High Temperature?

Normal body temperature is different for everyone and changes during the day.  A high temperature is usually considered to be 38°C or above.

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